Pet Blood Glucose Monitoring

Introducing a new, improved and completely redesigned iPet PRO blood glucose monitoring system for the very best in diabetes care. Click here to learn more.


Exceptional accuracy for better pet care

Effective diabetes care can make a pet’s life longer, healthier and happier. The iPet PRO™ is the first pet blood glucose monitoring system to consistently achieve ±15 mg/dL accuracy against a laboratory standard 98% of the time, exceeding the minimum acceptable accuracy criteria specified in ISO 15197:2013.

  • New advanced technology detects and corrects sources of error
  • Accurate data from home measurement helps assess an ongoing treatment plan
  • Analyzes both venous and capillary blood samples

Defined by precision

Accurate glucose data is an especially important part of managing diabetes, and we understand that pet owners and veterinarians who treat pets with diabetes rely on it for making treatment decisions.

  • Developed for use specifically with dogs and cats
  • Glucose levels are measured during times that a pet is relaxed and in its regular routine
  • Better control over glucose levels may help minimize complications and avoid unnecessary emergency or vet clinic visits
Consensus Error Grid


Getting started is easy

The iPet PRO Starter Kit includes everything you need to test and monitor your pet’s blood glucose. Watch an overview here.

  • Blood glucose meter and carrying case
  • 25 test strips, 30 lancets and lancing device
  • User guide, user quick guide and logbook

Blood glucose monitoring for pets: A step-by-step guide for pet owners


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