Tuberculin Safety Syringes

Healthcare professionals are exposed to needlestick injuries every day. UltiCare® tuberculin safety syringes offer proven technology that provide optimal protection and help reduce the risk of needlestick injury.


Dependable technology most clinicians are familiar with.

The UltiCare® tuberculin safety syringes offer proven technology most clinicians already know how to use.


Protection with confidence.

UltiCare® tuberculin safety syringe with permanently attached needle are designed to protect patients and healthcare professionals and minimize medication waste. The permanently attached sheath is preferred by most clinicians and requires minimal change in training. Complies with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Engineering Controls.


The quality you can expect.

From plunger to tip, UltiCare® tuberculin safety syringes are precision engineered to provide superior comfort. Every needle is individually inspected using laser technology, ensuring a more comfortable injection.

Bold graduationsHelps ensure accurate medication dosing
Flat stopper (gasket)Reduces medication waste
Large barrel flangesEasy grip and control
Latex-freeClinicians or patients with latex allergies will not experience an adverse reaction
Safety shield with locking mechanismHelps protect clinicians from accidental needlesticks
Transport positionHelps protect clinicians during transport without fully engaging the locking mechanism